Thank you so much for the fly rod and extras. They were great! I had to take a sneak peak at the rod with the “winner.” Needless to say I was impressed. The “winner” told me he has never fly fished before, but winning that rod is... now forcing him to give it a try. I gave him an older Redington reel of mine for him to begin using. Hopefully he will send us some great photos of his catches for us to place in the magazine in future issues. I truly believe this man is going to become a fly fisherman because of your donation.

Speaking of donations, they raised over $15,000 for young Dylan Jouppi on Saturday. Such a great event, and your donation was a very large help.

I hope that you’re doing well with your busy schedule, and that there is some fishing in your future.

Tight lines,

Trey W.

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